I don’t know how you feel

I haven’t had your particular expression

Of grief, of loss, of pain

I can’t say I’ve been through that

Exactly, particularly, specifically

In the ways you experienced it

But I do know what it’s like

To be what parents fear for their child

To grow up and become

I do know what it’s like

For every cell to groan with need

For answers and Why and I hate this

I do know how it feels

To have so much love to give

If only someone wanted it, wanted me

I know intimately the story

Of sitting in the soul dark silence

Knowing no one is coming to save you from this

I know being different, I know alone,

I know the constant low hum of fear

As you smile in a privileged outer life

I know Mirrorball, and

This is Me Trying,

And Tied Together With a Smile

I can’t say I know your life

But maybe in part,

And you know mine in some way

And we can see each other

As kin, and gently say

Me too. You are not the only one.