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Aromanticism, asexuality, and Christianity

I’m primarily focusing my work on progressive Christianity and the queer church because that’s where I’m most needed and fit best, but others have blazed a trail before I got here and I’m not alone now.

My work

Podcast episodes where I talk about my aro ace experience in Christianity, aro and ace inclusive affirming theology, queerness, and more:

For Sojourners: Asexual and Aromantic People Are Often Forgotten, But God Sees Us:

Being aro ace, celibate, sex positive, and Side A (fully affirming):

Frozen 2 helped me come out:

Asexuality and purity culture, part 1 of my story: and part 2 of my story:

I joined a group of religious aces to talk about our experiences for Ace Week 2021 hosted by The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project:

For Pride month 2022, I partnered with Ellen Huang (see below) and Justin Ancheta to host a discussion among the aro and ace Christian community on issues that affect us and our dreams for a more a-spec inclusive church. See the anonymized meeting notes here:

Others’ work

Ellen Huang: Read all of these beautiful poetry and prose works. So much of what Ellen writes resonates strongly with me as well.

What it means to be asexual and Christian on Queer Grace:

Encouragement for Aros and Aces on the Our Bible App devotional library:

Asexual and Aromantic Identities and the Image of God | Reformation Project workshop video:

The Ace Couple podcast series on how extreme right-wing groups use Christianity to be aphobic: Asexual Marriage Is Under Attack | Religious Right Says Sex Is Integral to Marriage | God Gave Us Sex… | Christian Republicans Hate Asexuals

The Ace Couple podcast episode with Twitch streamer Sharky on asexuality, Christianity, high school, and trauma.

What’s with the conservative evangelicals being against aromanticism and asexuality/platonic marriages? The Ace Couple and Tyger Songbird have good threads on that. More from Tyger here including an article on LGBTQNation and other links.

Kaitlin Smith on Believe Out Loud: Discovering My Asexuality and Growing Up as an Asexual Christian

Christine Woolgar on her journey with sex and sexual dysfunction as a married ace Christian woman:

A zine from 2016 on ace perspectives on the church:

Mistaking asexuality for sexual purity:

A blog post and informal survey of the blogger’s local churches on acceptance of asexuality in 2014: and

A 2013 Asexual Agenda post on asexuality and Christianity:

A 2012 midrash (biblical reimagining) on the asexuality of Mary and the virgin birth: