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Jenna talks to Cortland and Meghan on Thereafter about how purity culture has affected aces and aros, what it’s like to be an affirming Side A asexual and aromantic sapphic woman, and common myths and most needed areas of advocacy.
This week Jenna DeWitt returns to the show for a conversation with host James Prescott about Taylor Swift’s recent album “Midnights” and the Enneagram.

Jenna briefly introduces the Enneagram and we talk a bit about Taylor’s likely Enneagram numbers (3w4). Then we explore how this relates to the recent fallout with Ticketmaster regarding her tour.

Then we talk about how the album is reflective of Taylor’s own personal and creative journey, her lived experiences, and how she’s often been perceived and treated by the media and those who aren’t fans.

We also discuss how many of the challenges she can face are typical of her Enneagram number, and end by exploring how all of us, whatever our Enneagram number, can embrace our identities and move into growth and transformation.
Kelly Wolfe and Jenna talk about the A in LGBTQIA+ and amatonormativity, as well as why sexual liberation must include the choice not to have it.
D.L. chats with Jenna DeWitt about Captivating, the highly-influential prescriptive romance guide for young Christian women in the early 2000s. We tackle the harmful biases around gender roles and romance from an asexual and aromantic perspective.
Bekah McNeel catches up with Jenna DeWitt, whose Twitter presence and blog explore the many facets of queerness, faith change, and all the ways people can feel unseen. She joins the pod to talk about how queer identities fit into the church, and how they are currently pushed to the edges in a lot of ways. Jenna is a wealth of information for those at various points in coming out or becoming affirming, especially if that includes an active faith component.
Refuge Radio talks with Jenna DeWitt about aromanticism, asexuality, faith, and resources for those in the aro and ace community. She discusses the different ways to be a-spec, mental health and medical stigma, church, and some personal parts of her own story.
James, Holly, and Jenna explore different sexual ethics, and how we should honour and respect each others sexual ethics, even if they’re different. We discuss how harmful it can be to force one sexual ethic on everyone, and how sexuality in our culture is very static. We share about how this static view differs from our basic biological make ups, which are all very different and how every ethical expression of sexuality – including things like abstinence and asexuality and waiting until marriage – all belong. 
In this episode, Jenna talks to MaryB. Safrit about the value of both intergenerational and digital relationships, the challenges of not having a community of people like you, why the idolatry of romance and marriage is harmful for everyone, what church family could look like, and values-based boundary-setting.

Jenna DeWitt and Chris Morris join Kate Boyd for an episode of the Happy and Holy podcast to talk about Mark 5-6: the Jesus who rests, what it means to worship, and what story parallels from the Old Testament come through as John the Baptists meets his fate.
Morgan Strehlow, host of the Sanctuary Woman podcast, and Jenna talk about asexuality, aromanticism, and singleness and what it has been like for Jenna to navigate life in a world and in a church that assumes that everyone wants to be in a sexual, romantic relationship. This is part of the Summer of Sex Ed series, featuring sex educators, sexuality professionals and a few friends of the podcast to come talk with us about women’s sexuality for those of us who never received a proper sex education while growing up in purity culture.
In the second in a short ‘Taylor Swift’ themed podcast series, Jenna DeWitt joins James Prescott to discuss Taylor Swift’s story and music in the context of identity and the Enneagram. 

We go through Taylor’s career and see how her music reflected her own personal journey into discovering and owning her own power and voice, and what we notice about her personality type – Enneagram 3w4 – through this journey. 

Jenna shares her own personal experience growing up with Taylor’s music, being a similar age and personality type, and how it connected to her own growth and empowerment. James also shares how Taylor’s music has connected with him on his journey as a 4w5. 

This episode again touches on how music can connect with us so personally at different stages of our journeys, and how we find our own stories through the art and stories given to us by master storytellers like Taylor.
Jenna and Kelly join Aaron for a special episode of Cultural Savage. This is a conversation about sexual ethics but also it’s a conversation about shame, vulnerability, mutuality, spiritual maturity. Not all light and fluffy, though! We also touch on controversial topics like sexy cars, Bridgerton, and steak. NSFW and/or children.
James Prescott’s Poema Podcast discusses spirituality, creativity, and reclaiming the art of conversation. On this episode, Jenna tells her story of discovering her own sexual and romantic identity having grown up in a more traditional Christian environment. Jenna shares about the wide variety of types on the aromantic and asexual spectrum, and how she discovered a community of people just like her, and found a healthy faith community which accepted her. She likens the wide variety in every aspect of creation, planets, plants, races, animals, how all are different yet all are beautiful and belong. She also talks about the diversity of the divine themselves, and how this should and is reflected in his creation, including humanity.
Cultural Savage is exploring the spirituality of being human. In this episode, Jenna talks about aromanticism, asexuality, found family, and building a more inclusive church.
“It’s so frustrating and just really, really screwed up on an emotional level. But that’s where my people are.” – Jenna
“I’ve always been an in-person kind of guy.” – Carlos
All Alone is a podcast about life during a pandemic. These audio diaries were recorded during the week of April 19. This show is created and hosted by Morgan Lee and produced by Richard Clark, Sarah Cameron, and Morgan Lee. All Alone is a Useful Group podcast and is on Instagram and Twitter at @AllAlonePod.
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“They didn’t like, get me a cake or anything.” – Sarah
“I was building relationships here, and they were so delicate.” – Jenna
All Alone is a podcast about life during a pandemic. These audio diaries were recorded during the week of April 26. This show is created and hosted by Morgan Lee and produced by Richard Clark, Sarah Cameron, Nick Thompson, and Morgan Lee. All Alone is a Useful Group podcast. 
Where Do We Go From Here is a podcast untangling sexual ethics for a new generation of Christians through conversations that give you the tools you need to develop your own ideas to help you, your community, and your church live a wholehearted life exactly where you are today. It’s our first episode about queer Christianity, and Jenna DeWitt joins us to talk about aromantic asexuality. We talk about what it’s been like for her to navigate a church life and secular life that assumes everyone is sexually attracted to someone, and Jenna shares her calling with us for asexual people to know that they aren’t alone.