life preserver

do you ever dream about them the teachers, the doctors, the counselors the psych professor who saw a lot of promise in you the professionals who didn’t see it do you ever shout at them in your sleep i was just a kid and you were the expert on the tower with training and power… Continue reading life preserver

Ace Bewareness Week

This is a silly little poem about Twitter, but I really do hope we can recapture the joy and belonging and welcome this Ace Awareness Week in the midst of all the creepy, scary, and ghoulish opinions on the internet. Hope you find all treats and no tricks this year! Smell it approaching. It’s coming… Continue reading Ace Bewareness Week

Ace and allo partnerships

I was asked about ace and allo marriages, and I didn’t have any resources about marriage/partnership and asexuality, especially when one of those partners is allo. Aces and their allo partners on Twitter were eager to help and share what they have learned. We all hope these stories and links can strengthen ace/allo marriages and long-term committed partnerships of all kinds. 

The Unnamed.

I pray you find a doctor with undying curiosity
I pray you find empathy in a nurse’s needle
I pray you find a treatment that works

Voice of the box

She describes herself as “an ill-fitting Christian. A square peg trying to fit into a round hole, each of the angles representing the diverse religious traditions that shaped my understanding of the Divine.”

So far, so good

What is it costing us when we have to hide entire parts of who we are in our churches, homes, families, friendships, workplaces, and communities because the standard of goodness is a different shape than the shape we occupy?

Does God care about our sex lives?

Yes, as our friend, comforter, creator, divine parent, provider, protector, lover, healer, Lord, and shepherd… God cares about our sexuality and bodies. Buckle up.

For those whose bodies are policy issues

Today, there is much discussion on embodiment, what it means to show up in a space as your full self, and to be present in your body wherever you are. The topic du jour, in particular, is church attendance. Can we experience the “real” church online?

Aromanticism, asexuality, and Christianity

I’m primarily focusing my work on progressive Christianity and the queer church because that’s where I’m most needed and fit best, but others have blazed a trail before I got here and I’m not alone now.


Homesickness is a funny kind of illness. It sort of hurts all over. In your throat when someone asks the wrong question at the wrong time. In your lungs when a reminder of what you’ve lost takes your breath away. In your core when there’s the gut punch of knowing what you long for may never come to pass. There’s a desperation to it, when hope and grief intertwine into an ache.

The Remodel

a fresh start, To begin, That’s what we need. To tear it all down and click Refresh.

A prayer for a misused name/pronoun

By Rev Naomi Miller, Church of the Apostles, Guelph. Thank you, Rev. Miller, for letting me share this here! O God, You know me by my name. You know <name> by <pronoun> name. Let the words I use when I speak to <name> and about <pronoun> show my love for <pronoun>.

You deserve the help you need

No amount of busyness or responsibility cures clinical depression, anxiety disorders, or neurodivergence.

Side A. Celibate. Asexual. Queer.

Asexuality is not the same as celibacy. Lots of asexual people do have sex. Asexuality is about attraction, not behavior. I am also celibate. I consider this a calling in the sense that God made me sex-averse intentionally and for a reason. Not all asexual people are sex-averse.

Queer theology and the Bible

Is there an affirming way to read the Bible? What contributions and revelations and corrections can queer theology offer the church? What do I say to my church or pastor or neighbors who think queer affirmation is unbiblical? And can I love Jesus, the Bible, the church, and my queer self, friends, family, or neighbors?

Queer podcasts

A few podcasts around queerness, queer faith, and aromanticism and asexuality. For my own podcast appearances, see Podcasts. Queer – general Queery Making Gay History Queer Christian Q Theology Queerology Lavender Mafia (*nsfw) A Tiny Revolution Refuge Radio Our Bible has a large list of affirming podcasts here Search for these on your favorite podcast-listening… Continue reading Queer podcasts

Welcome home

Welcome, welcome to the wandering
I was once welcomed
And here you are too

I heal myself

She needs him
Like she needs air
He needs her
Like water
But I breathe
I drink, I gasp
I drown
All on my own

The Archer

I take aim
Correct form

The word hangs
In the air
A whisper
A whisper

Women of Valor – Mary Magdalene

I had the great privilege of joining my friend Kelly Wolfe on her blog, Let It Matter, this week discussing Mary Magdalene. We have a video of our conversation on her blog as well as a transcript for you to read. We discuss the way she’s been treated by church history, biblical interpretation, how fandom… Continue reading Women of Valor – Mary Magdalene


I will not be quiet
Call me threat, call me fire
Let’s burn it down
Call me hurricane

Out here

I don’t know if you can see it But I am out here

Queer Christian resources

A link list of resources, events, communities, blogs, newsletters, church finders, and more for queer Christian life.

Faith that evolves

I mostly write about asexuality and being a queer Christian, but those aren’t the hardest challenges I’ve encountered in my faith. Being both queer and Christian has been difficult, but it has also shown me a community of love, belonging, joy, and all the fruits of the Spirit.  My hardest challenge to my faith was recovering from… Continue reading Faith that evolves

Aromanticism 101

Alright it’s time to talk about… aromanticism! I haven’t spent as much time on this as I have on asexuality, so it’s time to answer some questions and bust some myths. Similar to how asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, aromanticism is a lack of romantic attraction. I’m both aromantic and asexual, aro ace… Continue reading Aromanticism 101


I am not the type to get emotional but it hurts when you say all humans were created for sex that romance is the purpose for us being thrust upon this forsaken Earth

Show Yourself

I’m rare. And not in a good, let’s-celebrate-diversity way. In a way that ends up being called things, like, well… ice queen.


All of my life, I’ve been told I’m too different. That I can’t expect others to understand. Most kids don’t talk like I do. Most kids don’t feel the passion I feel. Most kids wouldn’t think to fear all I fear.

Not just

Sometimes a person
Is not just a person
But a hope
A path
A lantern
A voice


Tomorrow we will all get up

And go about our days like normal

Tomorrow the sun will shine

And spring will once again attempt

To show us hope and life.

I believe. Lord, help my unbelief.


The nice thing about socks is that they always have a mate
You know when one is lost because it was made for another
Two by two, pairs, not ever alone, folded together
But life lived out is never that simple

No more waiting (p. 2)

I took off the purity ring because there was nothing to wait for. But then I learned of another ring. A subtle way for asexual people to recognize each other in public. One not unlike the youth group legend of the early church’s icthus fish, now that I think about it.

No more waiting (p. 1)

I decided my purity ring was a lie. I wasn’t waiting for anything. There was nothing to wait for.

In particular

Most days I am wary

I have seen the machine

I know the powers that pull

A gold pulpit’s fragile strings

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