Tomorrow we will all get up

And go about our days like normal

Tomorrow the sun will shine

And spring will once again attempt

To show us hope and life.


Tomorrow the Twitter wars will rage

And someone on Facebook will ask 

For recommendations to a restaurant.


Tomorrow the farmer’s market will open

And the cars will race 

to their Saturday destinations

Tomorrow the world will know what I do now.


Tomorrow they might pause for a moment

to remember you, to recall your laugh, 

to share screenshots of conversations

To share your stories and shed tears


And then they will go on

Busy with kids and dates and activities

This is the way it is supposed to be

I know


And yet I feel it already

As the advertisements and the inside humor 

And the podcast recommendations 

And the celebrity gossip 

All pull them away from this moment


You wouldn’t want them to go on 

being sad forever

You wouldn’t want me to lose hope.

You wouldn’t want tomorrow’s sun

To shine less than any other sun


I believe. Help my unbelief. 


And tomorrow they will go on

Tomorrow they will prepare their sermons.

Tomorrow they will feed the hungry.

Tomorrow they will visit the sick like you were

And the hurting and the broken and the ones feeling so lost

They will love like you did.


Eshet Chayil


I believe. Lord, help my unbelief. 

Help my unbelief. 

Help my disbelief.