faith, Poetry

Welcome home

Welcome, welcome to the wandering
I was once welcomed
And here you are too

Take a tea or a coffee.
There is no brochure
You’ve left rulebooks behind

It’s the wilderness, yes,
And it feels so alone
But look around! There’s a caravan

Wagons and timbrels
The young and the wise
We’re all growing

Welcome, you’re welcome
Don’t be ashamed
It’s never too late or too early

You’re not behind
There’s no supply list
No one leader or route.

You’ll wander awhile
Take your time
You’ll settle in, no rush.

One day you will welcome
One day you’ll be the guide
But we’re all just evolving

Take out your tools
Get down to the bones
Clean out and start anew

Remember it’s yours
Not anyone else’s
Only you know what to be

It’s not the destination
Or a linear line
There is no success or perfection

Holiness wanders
Righteousness blooms
Hunger and thirst are rewarded

Belonging comes in
When you least expect it
Exploration through yeses and noes

Find your path
Find yourself
Find freedom out here

The wilderness
welcomes you